Mark Smeaton, AIA and Rebecca Thompson Associate AIA founded Crux Studio Inc., in early 2004 after having worked together in a larger firm for a number of years. Our office is centrally located in South Pasadena, California.   


Our professional experience allows us to be comfortable with a variety of project types. We have designed numerous custom residential projects ranging from the simplest traditional remodel to highly complex hillside contemporary structures to multi family buildings. We have also designed commercial office buildings, numerous tenant improvements, warehouses, dance studios and commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Our practice and office is small which allows us to work directly and intimately with our clients giving them the utmost personalized service through all phases of the project. We believe a successful and meaningful project is the result of a close collaboration between the design team and our client. We want to inspire you to stretch and experience architecture in a new way.

Firm Philosophy

Crux Studio aspires to contribute meaningfully to the built environment with the utmost integrity and resourcefulness. It is our objective to create fresh quality architecture through honest business practices and by listening and responding to our clients needs.

Our clients can be assured we will focus our talent and creativity on their projects to find the best possible design solution for their budget and scheduling constraints.  But, just as important, we will also strive to construct a project that functions elegantly while respecting the environment and adding value to the community.

At Crux Studio we know at least ten things to be true:

  1. Listening to our client with an open mind right from the beginning makes for a more successful project.

With no preconceived ideas, we come to your project with an open mind.

  1. We are passionate about architecture.

 From the first brain storming session, to artistically rendering a design concept, to solving the smallest construction detail, we love what we do.

  1. Design isn’t a one size fits all solution. 

Every design is uniquely suited to the client, place and time.

  1. The client is always right – almost.

We will do our very best to give you what you need and want but, if we believe you are making a big mistake, we’ll let you know.

  1. Staying small is good.

 That way you get the benefit of our experience and talents –not just hear about them from someone else. 

  1. A good dance partner doesn’t hurt, either.

The finished project is only as good as the partnership between you and us:  when it’s a good fit, the rest is magic.

  1. You don’t have to spend boatloads of money to make good architecture.

The smallest budget can still produce a glistening jewel; it’s all in the creativity.

  1. The best client is the one who comes back.

The first project is just the beginning!  We treasure our repeat clients and foster long lasting relationships.

  1. Experience counts.

We bring our wide range of experience to the table, which pays off for you.

  1. At the end of the day, we have done our job if you are satisfied and as proud of the project as we are.

Let’s dance…