This ranch style home built in the 50’s is located in Brentwood, California. The residence is cradled in a beautifully landscaped garden complete with koi ponds. Our commission was to add a master suite, redesign the bedroom wing, library, family room and entry-foyer.

The Client’s directive was to create a contemporary space while still blending with the ranch flavor of the existing home. A concept generator for the new master suite wing was the requirement to save the existing mature trees, so we weaved the building between them. Our inspiration was our Client’s coy fish. The curvilinear 60’ laminated plywood ridge beam is reminiscent of the fish’s sinuous shape allowing the structure to gently nudge the trees as it passes by. The deep overhangs to the south are characteristic of fins. Expanses of glass bring the garden in.

The master bath’s use of materials, walnut and pebble shower tile further amplify the connection to the outdoors. We also extensively modified the main entry/foyer by lifting and reframing the roof and bringing natural light into the center of the home by glazing over the framing. The shape also harkens back to the master suite structure.

The most technically challenging aspect of the project was to design and fabricate the 60’ long curvilinear ridge beam. After much research and investigation, we were able to fabricate the beam locally using ½” structural grade plywood with a special high strength glue, clamped to a full-scale jig. It also proved challenging to gain City of Los Angeles approvals for the fabrication.

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